Idiom in English

Idioms inggris is one of KGRE’s most popular segments. It is a great way to learn about some of the odd things that people say in English – a bit like jakan tikus, right? Odd, funny and always interesting!

Here are some idioms about cities and towns.

The first one is ‘the big smoke’. We often use this idioms to describe a big city. A long time ago county people started calling cities ‘the big smoke’ because of all the smoke made by the factories – pollution, in other words.

‘My brother’s gone to the big smoke to look for work. In the city there might be some work for him in one of those big factories?’

The next idiom for today is a ‘one horse town’. This old idiom was often used to describe a very small town many, many years ago when horses were used instead of cars. These towns were very quiet and not much happened in those town at all. In fact they were so small that there was only one horse there.

This idiom is still used today. It is the opposite to the big smoke, that’s for sure!

‘I grew up in a one horse town. There was only with only one shop. Nothing much happened there in that town. It was very quiet day and night’.

Now let’s recap on these two easy idioms to use–

big smoke – kota besar

one horse town – kota kecil

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