In running for life, there are many things that we need to learn and learn. I have ever asked my friend in a training, “Do you need a mirror to make up your self? Absolutely, he answered “Yes I do”. Perhaps you ask about it because we are not sure whether our make up is suitable with our need or not. Likewise in running for  life we need “leader” and we need a mirror to look in the mirror on the positive think.

Try to take a sheet of paper and than ask it to make something like a fish, absolutely we think what we need to do so that the paper can be a  form of beautiful fish. The first step is by making a pattern and then giving beautiful color as you like. To make it more interesting, we try to throw the part of paper that has no relation with the pattern of fish. You may cut the paper and form the beautiful fish and thus, you succeed to make a fish from paper.
In this life, we ought to adorn ourselves with beautiful color to achieve a success or even more than that. You may try to learn much learning and absolutely throw the negative think on your mind or useless think in our life and tomorrow will be brighter than today.

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Saya skarang sementara kuliah di Unismuh Makassar, jurusan bahasa inggris angkatan 2007. Hobby saya membaca, Browsing, Memancing, Olah raga (ya View all posts by afauzi007

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